Best Route aound Higashiyama for one day trip

Visiting Spots in this route for one day trip
Start from Kyoto station → Heian Jingu ShrineChionin TempleMaruyama ParkKodaiji Temple → Nnene no Michi & Ishikoji

The Higashiyama area is more sophisticated in Kyoto city if compared to Arashiyama, Downtown Kyoto, and Nishijin, etc. If you don’t have enough time to visit each spot on this route or if you bring small kids or elderly people, you might want to get a taxi when you move around here.  Each spot is a large site.  You may feel very tired from walking.  However, it’s really worth visiting each place which I recommend.  The best time to visit Higashiyama would be in the spring or fall season.

A.  Let’s start from Kyoto station.  Get on Subway of the Karasuma line.

B.  Get off at Karasumaoike station.

C.  Transfer to the subway of the Tozai line. Then get off at Higashiyama station.

D.  Go to Heian jingu Shrine, 20min walking from the station.  The time it takes to go around in the shrine is approximately 40 minutes.  The shrine opens from 8:30 AM.  If you want to visit in a tranquil atmosphere, you might want to arrive here before 8:30 AM. Especially Sakura season in early to mid-April would be very busy.

E.  After visiting it, go to Chionin Temple, approx.25 min walking from Heian jingu shrine. The best season to visit here would be in May or mid to late Nov. The time it takes to go around in the temple is approx.30min.

F.  After visiting the temple, go to Maruyma Park, 5min walking from here.

G.  Go to Kodaiji Temple, 10min walking from the park. The best season to visit here would be in mid to late November. The temple is a scenic spot for autumn leaves.  This is illuminated at night during the period. *need to make sure a reliable period of time because it depends on the situation of autumn leaves.  The time it takes to go around the temple is approx.30min.

H.  After visiting the temple, pass through Neneno Michi and Ishikoji. Around here would be very elegant and tasteful. I love this area too.

I.  Go straight this way, then you will find a broad road which is called Higashioji Dori.  This is the goal!  You can go to the nearest station which is called Gion-Shijo, approx.15min walking from here.  I hope you would enjoy one of the best routes.  Have a great trip!