Best Route around Gion Shirakawa for one hour trip

Visiting Spots in this route for one hour trip
Start from Kyoto station → Gion Shijo Station → Kyoto Shijo Minamiza → Gion Shirakawa Minami Dori → Gion Tatsumi Bridge Yasaka Shrine

If you visit Kyoto, I would highly recommend taking a walk around Gion Shirakawa. The place is one of the best spots in Kyoto.  The best season to visit here would be in early to mid-April as cherry blossoms are very charming with traditional buildings and the river.  Also, the best time to come here in the day would be in the early morning and night.  You would feel like you travel back in time while hanging around there.   The time to take to go around in this route would be approx.60min.  Have a nice trip!

  1. Start from Kyoto Station. Get on the Nara Line and get off at Tofukuji station. Then change to Keihan’s main line at the station and get off at Gion Shijo station.  *I would recommend getting a taxi at Kyoto station unless there is a traffic jam.  It costs approx.1,300yen.  It takes just 10min.
  2. After getting off at Gion Shijo station, find the exit No.7. Then after getting out of the exit, you can see Yasaka shrine far away.
  3. Then you can see Kyoto Shijo Minamiza and go straight. Then turn left at the corner.
  4. Then go straight until Shirakawa Minami Dori and turn right at the street.
  5. Stroll around here while viewing a traditional street scene. Then cross Gion Tatsumi Bridge.
  6. Then go to Yasaka shrine. This is the goal!