Best route around Kiyomizu temple for an early morning walk


When you visit Kyoto, you must be surprised there is crowded with many people in Kyoto city. Especially, famous sightseeing spots, e.g. Kiyomizu Temple, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kinkaku-ji Temple, etc.  Also, there would be many school trip students at these well-known spots all year round.  If you want to hang around Kiyomizu Temple in a tranquil environment, I would highly recommend visiting there before breakfast.  There would be few people.  The temple opens from 6:00 AM.  Therefore, that’s a great spot to take an early morning walk. You could feel authentic Kyoto while walking on the streets.  I’m sure you won’t be able to see real Kyoto only daytime and night.  It’s really worth visiting there in the early morning.
The location is not so convenient.  You might want to get a taxi as it costs just around 1,000yen from Kyoto station.  It takes less than 10min.  I hope the early bird catches the worm!  The time it takes to complete this route is approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

A.  Let’s start from Kyoto station. Get a taxi from Karasuma Exit of Kyoto station, then get off near Gojozaka slope.

B.  Go up Gojozaka slope.  Turn right at the second corner.

C.  Go up Chawanzaka slope

D.   Enter into Kiomizu temple

E.   After visiting the temple, go down on Matsubara Dori.  Turn right at the first corner, then go down Sannenzaka slope

F.  Continue to go down Ninenzaka slope.

G. On the way, you can see Hokanji Temple.  Let’s take a photo against the tower.

H.  Go down until Higashioji Dori.  Then get a taxi on the street and go back to your hotel for breakfast.  If you walk to Gion-Shijo station from here, it takes approx.15min walk.