Best Route around Kyoto station for an early morning trip

Visiting Spots in this route for walking early in the morning
Start at Kyoto station → Higashi HonganjiNishi Honganji → Toji Temple

Actually, this route wouldn’t be necessary to go around in the early morning. But If you are an early bird, you would be able to own Kyoto.  There would be few people there.  Maybe you will see only some local people who take dogs out for a walk.  Most of the temples in Kyoto open at 9:00 AM.  But all temples which I recommend below in this route open before 6:00 AM.  Therefore, that’s a great experience to take a walk around here in the early morning.  If you are keen on Japanese architecture, you must visit all temples on the route.  It’s really worth viewing the buildings.  Nishi Honganji and Toji Temples are a World Heritage.  At last, please note that the winter season in Kyoto is really cold if compared to Tokyo.  I wouldn’t recommend going out in the early morning in the season.  You may feel cold to the bone.  The time it takes to go around the route would be approx. 120min.  If you don’t have enough time, you might want to pass visiting Toji Temple.

  1. Let’s start from Kyoto station.
  2. Go to Higashi Honganji temple, 10min walking from the station. The temple opens from 5:50 AM. *6:20AM Nov to Feb.  The necessary time to take a look in the temple would be approx.15min here.
  3. After visiting the temple, go to Nishi Honganji temple, 15min walk. The temple opens from 5:30 AM. The necessary time would be approx.20min.
  4. After visiting the temple, go to Toji Temple, a 25min walk. The grounds in the temple opens at 5:00 AM. The necessary time would be approx.30min. This is the goal! If you go back to Kyoto station, get a taxi, or get on the Kintetsu Kyoto Line at Toji station, or approx.20min walking from the temple.


After taking a walk, if you want to have for breakfast around here, let’s go back to Kyoto station. Most of the restaurants, cafés, shops, etc. in Kyoto city open between 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.  Only some cafes open from the early morning.  I would recommend the below ones around Kyoto station.

*Ogawa Coffee    Open from 7:30 AM
*Country House Eikokuya on 3F, Kyoto ISETAN  Open from 8:00 AM
*Ishida Coffee on B1  Open from 8:00 AM