Best Route around Nanzenji Temple for an early morning

If you visit Kyoto, why don’t you wake up and take a walk in the early morning before breakfast?  You won’t regret it.  One of the best routes would be around Kiyomizu Temple, and another one would be around Nanzenji Temple.  As you may expect, Nanzenji Temple would be very busy in the daytime because of one of the well-known spots.  There are many school trip students and tourist groups including local people.  You would see many sightseeing buses at a large parking lot near the temple.  If you visit here in the early morning, there would be few people.  The atmosphere around here is surprisingly different from the daytime.  You could feel something very special while seeing the historical buildings.   Only inner buildings with small gardens open from 8:40 AM.  You can take a walk on the grounds in the early morning.  The time it takes to stroll this route is less than 60min.

A.  Let’s start from Kyoto station. Get on Subway of the Karasuma line.

B.  Get off at Karasumaoike station. Transfer to the subway of the Tozai line.

C.  Get off at Keyage station.

D.  Go through the Spiral Brick Tunnel.

E.  Walk toward Nanzenji-Temple

F.  After passing the temple, walk toward the Nomura Art Museum.

G.  After passing the museum, turn left at the corner in front of Eikando.

H.  Go straight, and you will find a broad road which is called Shirakawa Dori. This is the goal. The location around here is not so convenient. You might want to get a taxi from here. Or you can go back to Keyage Station which is the nearest one. It would take approx. 30min walk.