Best Route by RANDEN for one day trip in Kyoto Arashiyama

Visiting Spots in this route for one day trip
Start from Arashiyama Station → Kuramazaki JinjaKoryuji TempleSakura Tunnel between Narutaki station to Utano stationNinnaji TempleMyoshinji Temple → Ryoanji Temple → Tojiin Temple Kitano-Tenmangu

If you plan to visit Kyoto in early to mid-April, why don’t you take this route?  You could see fantastic views of SAKURA in many places.  I would recommend getting a one-day unlimited train ticket *500yen for RANDE to take a stroll around Arashiyama and northwest Kyoto.  If you don’t have enough time or you get tired from walking, you can pass No.6 and No.7 as both of them are not close to the stations.  Anyway, it’s a madhouse wherever you go to Kyoto during SAKURA season every year.  Don’t get a TAXI, bus or car when you move into the city.   You might want to get around by train.  Also if you want to hang around in a tranquil Kyoto, I would recommend visiting here on weekdays.  

1. Start from Arashiyama station and get off at Kurumazaki-Jinja station, then go to Kurumazaki Jinja on food.

2. Go back to Kurumazaki-Jinja station and get on the train, get off at Uzumasa-Koryuji station, then go to Koryuji on food, which is in front of the station.

3. Go back to Uzumasa-Koryuji station. Then get on a train and go back to Katabiranotsuji station, Change to Kitano Line at the station. You could see exceptional views of beautiful Sakura on both sides between Narutaki station and Utano station which is like a Sakura Tunnel. You must be ready to take great photos! The length of the tunnel is approx. 200m.

4. Get off at Omuro-Ninnaji station and go to Ninnaji which is one of World Heritage Sites. The best time to look at the cherry blossoms in Ninnaji would be around mid to late April.

5. Back to the station, get on a train and get off at Myoshinji station. Go to Myoshinji on food. It has a lot of small temples on-site as you can see the google map. This is like a film studio for samurai dramas. You must be so excited while taking a walk in Myoshinji. I’ve visited there so many times, but I still never get bored.

6. Go back to the station, get on a train, get off at Ryoanji station. Then go to Ryoanji on food. The temple is very famous. You must go and see the stone garden on site.

7. Go to Tojiin from Ryoanji, approx.20min walking. The temple has a beautiful traditional garden. It’s worth seeing if you are keen on Japanese authentic gardens. The best season to view the garden would be in mid to late November.

8. Go back to Tojiin station. It takes 15min on foot. Get on a train and get off at Kitano-Hakubaicho station. Go to Kitano-Tenmangu,10min walking. The best season to visit here would be in mid to late March as Japanese apricot blossoms are in full bloom.