Best Route Kyoto for one day trip

Visiting Spots in this route for one day trip
Start from Kyoto station → Nijo CastleKyoto Imperial Palace  → Daitokuji Temple  → Kotoin  → Kinkakuji Temple  → Hirano Shrine

The route would be for tourists who are the first time to visit Kyoto.  No doubt it’s worth visiting the below all spots in the route.  You must see them when you are in Kyoto. 

1.  Let’s start from Kyoto station.

2.  Then get on the subway of Karasuma line and get off at Karasuma Oike station.

3.  Change to the subway of Tozai line, then get off at Nijojo-Mae station.

4.  Go to Nijo Castle, just a 5min walk from the station. The time it takes to look around on-site would be approx.60min. This is one of the world heritages.  After visiting the castle, go back to Nijojo-Mae station and get on the subway of the Tozai line. Then get off at Karasuma-Oki station.

5.  Then change to the subway of Karasuma line and get off at Imadegawa station.

6.  Go to Kyoto Imperial Palace, 10min walk from the station.  Please note that you have to make a pre-reservation by the web site.  *No need pre-reservation in spring and fall.  The necessary time to go around on site would be approx.60min.  After visiting the spot, go back to Imadegawa station.

7. Get on the Karasuma line and get off at Kitaoji station.

8. Go to the Kitaoji bus terminal. Then get on the bus No.102, No.204, or No.205.  I would recommend getting a taxi from the station.  It costs less than 1,000yen.  If there is a traffic jam around there on weekends & Japan’s public holiday in April and November, I would recommend walking from Kitaoji station to Daitokuji Temple.  It takes approx.20min.  You may feel it’s too much hassle to visit the temple.  However, Daitokuji temple is one of the best places in Kyoto. You would regret it if you go back to your home country without seeing the temple.

9.  Get off at Daitokujimae bus stop in front of the temple, 6min walk to the entrance.

10.  Ditokuji has many temples on-site.  Among them, my recommendation is Kotoin.  If you visit here in mid to late Nov, you must go to Kotoin. The autumn leaves are really beautiful.  You could sit down at a tatami room and see a breathtaking view.  I’ve visited many times.  But I never get bored. The necessary time to spend in Daitokuji would be approx.40min.

12.  After visiting the temple, go back to the bus stop which you got off at. Then get on a bus No.101, No.102, No.204 or No.205.  Get off at the bus stop of Kinkakuji-Michi.  If you walk from Daitokuji temple to Kinkakuji temple would be approx.30min. 

13.  Then walk toward Kinkakuji temple. The best season to visit the temple would be in mid to late Nov.  The necessary time to go around the temple would be 30min.  This is the goal!

14.  If you are here in early to mid in April, I would highly recommend visiting Hirano shrine. When it comes to Cherry blossom viewing, it’s definitely this temple.  Don’t forget to see the views if you have time.  If you don’t have time to visit this route, you might want to visit here in the early morning for another day.  Because there would be very busy in the daytime during this period more than you expect.  The temple opens at 6:00 AM!  Have a great trip!