Best Route near Kyoto Station and Fushimi-Inari for one day trip

Visiting Spots in this route for one day trip
Start from Kyoto station → Sanjusangendo TempleTofukuji TempleSennyuji TempleFushimi-Inari Shrine

This route for one day trip would be for tourists who are the first time to visit Kyoto. No doubt it’s worth visiting the below spots in the route. You must see all stops when you are in Kyoto. 

A.  Let’s start from Kyoto station. Go to Karasuma Exit of Kyoto station.

B.  Get a taxi and go to Sanjusangendo temple. It takes less than 10min, it costs just 800yen. If you take a train or bus, you have to walk from the station or bus stop. I guess that’s a waste of time. Sanjusangedo temple opens from 8:00 AM * 9:00 AM from 16th Nov to 31st March If you want to sit down and watch it, I would highly recommend visiting here a few minutes before open the temple. The time it takes to look around would be approx. 30min.

C.  After visiting Sanjusangendo, go to Shichijo station. It takes just a 10min walk.

D.  Get on the Keihan Line, then get off at Tofukuji station.

E.  Go to Tofukuji Temple. 15 min walk from the station. The temple is well-known in Japan.  Also, this is a scenic spot for autumn leaves. The temple would be very busy between mid to late Nov. The time it takes to look around would be approx.50min.

F.  After visiting the temple, go to Sennyuji Temple, it would be approx.25min walk.

G.  After visiting the temple, go back to Tofukuji station.

H.  Get on the Keihan Main Line and get off at Fushimi Inari station. Please note that don’t get on the JR Nara Line at Tofukuji station. The station has two different lines as you can see a train map.

I.  After getting off at the Fushimi-Inari station, then go to Fushimi-Inari shrine, 10min walk. If you have enough energy to climb a small mountain which is called Inari Mt. I would highly recommend trying it.  Many people just visit the main shrine of Fushimi Inari only.  That wouldn’t be so special.  Actually Fushimi Inari Shrine has a long way to go and worship all its facilities.  You must be so excited. You can pass through many gateways of the shrine while climbing the mountain. If you get tired on the way or bring your small kids, you can just go back down the road you just came along.  It’s worth it if you visit the shrine. The time it takes to climb the mountain would be approx.2 hours.

J.  After visiting the shrine, go back to Fushimi Inari station. This is the goal. I hope you could enjoy very much one of my recommended routes. Have a great trip !