Hoshino Resorts L’Hotel de Hiei

When I have a chance to visit Kyoto in the summer season, I always stay at this small resort hotel.  Because Kyoto City is much hotter than Tokyo during the season.  It would be hard to walk outside in the city, but luckily, the temperature around the hotel is much lower than in Kyoto city.  The environment surrounding the property would be perfect for the summer holiday.   Hoshino Resorts L’Hotel de Hiei is located halfway up Mt.Hiei near the line between Kyoto and Shiga prefecture.  It takes 50min by car from Kyoto Station.  A free shuttle service is available.  Refer to the below.    Also if you plan to drive around Lake Biwa, the hotel would be a great choice.  On the other hand, if this is your first time visiting Kyoto, you may want to stay in Kyoto city.  Perhaps if you visit Kyoto in the winter season, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are a local.  It’s bitterly cold around here.  Then Hoshino Resorts L’Hotel de Hiei would be wonderful for couples, solo travelers, family, or small groups.  *A minimum age requirement of 7 applies.  If you are going to stay here, I would highly recommend booking a room with a lake view, not the mountainside.  The building including furniture tends to be worn out but it’s very clean, cozy-looking, and well-maintained.  All of the amenities are taken care of including enough toiletries, pajamas, bathrobes, and a Japanese tea set, etc.  Room service is not available.  There is no convenience store nearby.  You may want to buy your necessities before coming here.  The free WiFi reception was good in our room.  Then the property is not a universal design.  If you bring people with weak feet, you may want to inform the staff in advance as they can arrange a room near the lift.  Then Hoshino Resorts L’Hotel de Hiei offers some interesting free activities.  You should join them as much as possible, especially visiting Enryakuji Temple in the early morning.  Guests can participate in a meditation session held every morning at the temple.  It was quite unique.  The place has a very mysterious and sacred atmosphere.  Don’t miss it.  It’s truly worth a visit.  *You need to book it in advance when you check-in at the front desk.  Also, the hotel offered complimentary “afternoon tea” at the terrace from 15:00.  Baked sweets, such as macarons, butter cookies, and English muffins, etc., were available.  After the afternoon tea, we joined the “Wine tasting workshop” from 17:00.  Then complimentary beverages, such as wine, whiskey, and shochu were available at the terrace from 19:00 to 24:00.  We fully enjoyed drinking while viewing the lake.  That’s precious time.  Then Hoshino Resorts L’Hotel de Hiei is one of the auberge-style hotels in Kyoto.  French food for dinner is truly amazing.  It’s worth trying it.  The restaurant offers beautiful and delicious food using a lot of local ingredients.  The portion tends to be average.  I noticed that there were many local people and return customers for French dinner.  If you are a gourmet, you should try it.  *Please note that inform the staff when you book a room with meals if you have any food allergies.  They probably wouldn’t be able to offer alternative food if you request on that day.  Then there is no restaurant around the property.  The location is out of the way.  You may want to book a room including meals.  This is a small resort hotel.  Then the staff tends to be sophisticated.  The hospitality was impeccable.  Overall, the price range would be reasonable.  Hoshino Resorts L’Hotel de Hiei would be very popular, especially among local women.  If you want to stay here on weekends, you may want to book a room as soon as possible.   Then access to the hotel would be easy from Kyoto station as free shuttle service is available.  You need to book it in advance.  Have a nice trip!  Welcome to receive any questions about the hotel from the below space.  *All information is as of the date that I posted on my blog.  *Check-in and out times 3:00 PM/12:00 PM
*Departure from Exit Hachijyoguchi of Kyoto station at 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 only
*Departure from the hotel to Exit Hachijyoguchi of Kyoto station at 10:30, 12:30 only
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Info about Hoshino Resorts L’Hotel de Hiei

Style Resort Hotel
Guest Rating  Very Good 8.4
Estimated Price 30,000 JPY for 2 adults per room
Contact E-mail Fill the form in
Internet Connection Free wifi in the hotel
Facility information Wheelchairs are not available
Pets may not be allowed
The free parking lot is available
Location Hoshino Resorts L’Hotel de Hiei’s MAP
Access 50min by car from JR Kyoto Station 
Free shuttle service from the station
Need to book in advance.
Address and TEL Hieizan Ippon Sugi Sakyo-Ku Ichijōji Enryakujiyama
Sakyō-Ku Kyoto 606-0000

Tel +81 75-701-0201
Official Homepage Hoshino Resorts L’Hotel de Hiei’s HP