Hoshinoya Kyoto Ryokan


If this is your first time staying at modern ryokans, I really think you should stay at Hoshinoya Kyoto.  Perhaps if you want to experience a ryokan adventure in Arashiyama area, I would recommend it.  On the other hand, if you are looking for ryokans with hot springs in Kyoto, I would rather recommend staying at Sumiya Kihoan Ryokan or Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen nearby.  Unluckily Hoshinoya Kyoto Ryokan has no hot spring and no communal bath.  Hoshinoya Kyoto would be great for couples, solo travelers, small groups, or family.  *A minimum age requirement of 13 applies.  The ambiance is cozy, serene, and peaceful.  When you visit the property, you take a small boat provided at the foot of Togetsu-BridgeRefer to the map.  It wouldn’t be easy to find the location if this is your first visit.  Check the Google map carefully.  We were so excited in a boat.  When we arrived at the property, we were surrounded with silence.  It’s like you’re in another world.  There were many tourists around Arashiyama, though.  The HOSHINO world is perfectly created as you expect.  Then the room facing the river tend to be cramped for this price range but we fully enjoyed white noise from the river, the sounds of trolley trains and starry sky, such an extraordinary experience.  Facilities tend to be the latest, stylish, and relaxed.  Then all of the amenities are taken care of including toiletries, pajamas, yukatas, bathrobes, samue outfits, a coffee machine and green tea set etc.  Room service is available for 24H.  There is no convenience store nearby.  You might want to buy your necessities before coming here.  Also free wifi reception was very slow and there was no TV in our room.  You might want to bring books or something to spend time here.  Then the property is not universal design.  If you bring people with weak feet, I wouldn’t recommend the property.  There are many steps in-house.  Then the buildings are illuminated at night.  The ambiance at the library lounge, bar, and terrace, etc., is perfect to relax.  Complimentary coffee, English tea, herb tea, and cookies, etc., are available at the lounge.  Also a DVD player, a CD player, and a PC are placed for use someone.  Then Kyoto-style kaiseki food experience for dinner and breakfast was just divine.  The food would be equivalent of Michelin 1 or 2 stars.  The portion tends to be small.  Dinner is served in a dining area.  Breakfast is served in your room.  *Please note that inform staff when you book a room with meals if you have any food allergies.   Alternatively if you want to go out for dinner, I would highly recommend the French restaurant “Arashiyama Mitate”.  Actually food is a fusion of French and Japanese-style.  All dishes were artistic, exquisite, and sophisticated.  You need to book a private room in advance.  The restaurant has private rooms only.  It’s worth a visit if you are in Arashiyama.   The small boats from the property are not available at night.  You need to ask staff to arrange a car when you check in.  It’s free of charge.  *Please note that most of shops, restaurants, and cafes, etc., in Arashiyama are closed before 6:00PM.  If you go out for dinner nearby, you may want to book a table in advance.  Most of restaurants for dinner are reservation-only.  Then all staff tends to be friendly, warm, and helpful but they wouldn’t be first class.  Overall the hardware tends to be wonderful but the software wouldn’t be the same class and still have a long way to go.  To be honest, I felt overpriced.  If you like HOSHINO brand, you should stay here.  Anyway the best season to stay here would be in spring or fall.  You can see breathtaking views around the property.   Have a nice trip!  Welcome to receive any questions about the property from the below space.  *All information is as of the date that I posted on my blog.   Check in and out times 3:00PM/12AM  Check Availability and Pricing for the ryokan on the website.

Info about Hoshinoya Kyoto Ryokan

Style Modern Traditional Japanese Ryokan
Guest Rating Fabulous 8.7
Estimated Price 121,803 JPY for 2 adults per room
Contact to the ryokan Fill the form in English
Internet Connection Free wifi in the ryokan
Facility Information Wheelchairs are not available
Pets are not allowed
Parking lot is not available
Location Hoshinoya Kyoto’s MAP
Access 50min by car or train from JR Kyoto Station.
Address and TEL  11-2 Arashiyama Genrokuzanchō, Nishikyō-ku,
Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 616-0007
Tel +81-50-3786-1144  Open time 9:00 to 20:00
Official Homepage Hoshinoya Kyoto’s HP

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