Hotels and Ryokans near Kyoto Station

TOP5  Hotels and Ryokans near Kyoto Station

If you visit Kyoto on a business trip or you don’t have enough time, you should stay near Kyoto Station.  Then, during the spring and the fall seasons, Kyoto city often experiences traffic jams.  You may want to use trains as much as possible.  It’s also a good idea to rent a bike to avoid traffic jams.

This is a stylish hotel near Kyoto Station. If this is your first visit to Kyoto, you should stay here. Absolutely it would be one of the best in Kyoto. The hotel is like a contemporary art museum.  Read more
TOP2  Muromachi Yutone Kyokoyado
This is my cup of tea. No doubt this is one of the best in Kyoto. If you are looking for a small ryokan adventure, you should stay here. This is like a hideaway for adults.  Read more
TOP3  Hotel Kanra Kyoto
If this is your first visit to Kyoto, I would recommend it. Because the location is near Kyoto Station, and great access to public transportation when you go sightseeing.  Read more
TOP4  Seikoro Ryokan
This is an authentic ryokan with a long history near Kyoto Station. If you are a connoisseur of Japan, I would recommend it. Everything, such as interior, furniture, and architecture, etc. is amazing.  Read more
TOP5  Ohanabo
This is one of the cozy ryokans. Actually Ohanabo is not luxury. Facilities tend to be outdated. The building is aged, but it’s truly worth staying hereRead more