Hotel La Neige Higashi-kan


I love this small hotel. As always, it doesn’t disappoint. Facilities tend to be outdated. But everything, such as hospitality, staff, food, ambience etc., is absolutory impeccable. The property is one of auberge-style hotel. All staff is gracious, warm, and professional. They are the loveliest group. If you are the first time to visit Hakuba, you might want to ask staff about recommended spots, restaurants, cafés, and events. They are very informative. Also French food experience is simply wonderful. You can choose to have breakfast in the outdoor area in good weather as well. Then the lobby is a great place to get lazy while having tea with home-made cookies. A room is lovely, clean, and cozy. I recently prefer Hakuba to Karuizawa for the summer holiday. Actually Karuizawa would be very busy during the season. It’s packed everywhere you go around there. Also it’s very hard to find parking spaces available. On top of that, many restaurants tend to be set up high price. Karuizawa is easily accessible from Tokyo station, just 80min by Shinkansen. I understand Hakuba is far from Tokyo, approx.4 hours by car, or 3 hours by Shinkansen. However I would rather recommend Hakuba if you want to fully enjoy in rich nature. It’s truly worth visiting here if you are in Japan. I would say that the hotel has great value for money if compared to hotels in Karuizawa, Atami, Hakone etc. Only my issue is that the hotel has no hot springs on site. If you are a hot spring lover, I would rather recommend Sierra resort Hakuba which has some wonderful ones on-site. The location is near Hotel de la Neige Higashi-kan. Then, there are few outlets in a room to charge cell phones, PCs, cameras etc., that’s inconvenient. The best season to stay here would be between May to Oct unless you enjoy winter sports in Hakuba. You will be able to chill out at the hotel while seeing beautiful rich nature during the period. At last, be careful if you stay here more than 3 days. It would be very hard to be back to real life next day. Have a nice trip!  *All information is as of the date that I posted on my blog.  Check Availability and Pricing for the hotel on or Agoda

About Hotel La Neige Higashi-kan

La Neige Higashi-kan stands in the midst of Hakuba forest. The extensive size of Hakuba forest is vast and it has trees which are more than 100 years old. The forest changes its appearance every season.  The building of La Neige Higashi-kan is carefully designed so that it naturally coexists with the nature. In the lobby of the building, you will find sofas of various shapes and colors which make you feel as if you came to a manor house in Europe.  The salon and the bar also have a classic atmosphere.  In your room you can enjoy the nature of Northern Japan Alps such as the song of birds and the sound of breeze and stream.  There is nothing to compare with the breakfast in the terrace with a great view of the forest, feeling the fresh morning breeze. For dinner the hotel serves creative French cuisine using local ingredients.

Info about Hotel La Neige Higashi-kan

Style Europian style resort Hotel
Guest Rating Suberb 9.1
Estimated Price 60,000 JPY for 2 adults per room
Contact Fill the form in  
or send at 
Internet Connection Free wifi in the hotel
Booking Check Availability and Pricing for the hotel
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Location Hotel La Neige Higashi-kan’s MAP
Access Free shuttle bus provided
from Hakuba station. Need to book in advance
Address and TEL 〒399-9301 Happouwadanomori Hakuba mura Kitaazuminogun Nagano  Tel +81 261-72-7111
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