Unzen Fukudaya Yama Terrace Bettei


Style Modern Traditional Japanese Ryokan
Guest Rating Superb 9.0
Estimated Price 25,000 JPY for 2 adults per room
Contact Call at +81 957-73-2151 from overseas
Call at 0957-73-2151 domestic Japan
Internet Connection Free wifi in the ryokan

Location Unzen Fukudaya Yama Terrace Bettei’s MAP
Access 75min by bus from Nagasaki Station
Address and TEL 380-2 Obamacho Unzen, Unzen
Nagasaki 854-0621  Tel +81 957-73-2151
Official Homepage Unzen Fukudaya Yama Terrace Bettei’s HP
If you are a hot spring lover, I would highly recommend staying at the ryokan. The spring quality is definitely one of the best in Japan.  It’s really worth it.  All of the 7 rooms have wonderful private hot springs.  Then the ryokan has amazing public large hot springs on-site as well.  The spring quality is superb.  If you want to chill out at hot springs after you fully enjoy going on a hike around UNZEN, the ryokan would be perfect.  Actually there are few accommodations around here.   I would say that if you have a chance to visit Unzen, you must stay here.  If you prefer to stay at a top-notch ryokan in Unzen, I would rather recommend Hanzuiryo.  It’s really worth it.
Anyway if you stay at Unzen Fukudaya Yama Terrace Bettei, you must try Teppanyaki food for dinner.  That’s wonderful.  Especially Nagasaki beef.  A room is spacious, modern, and comfortable.  There is no better option than just spending to soak in the hot spring bath and enjoy the precious moments where you get to do nothing.  My bit concern is that staff wouldn’t be sophisticated.  The ryokan opened in Feb 2017.  Therefore maybe they were not used to work yet in busy seasons.  But here is Nagasaki.  I guess it’s OK.  Because more than anything, hot springs is really amazing.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are a hot spring lover.  The best season to stay here would be between late April to early Nov.  If you visit here during the period, you must see a lot of beautiful views of UNZEN in rich nature.  The average temperature is around 20 degrees even in the summer season, almost the same as Hokkaido.  The weather wouldn’t be so hot, not so cold, just comfortable.  Therefore Unzen is well-known as a mountain resort among local people.  The location wouldn’t be convenient.  However, currently, there is an express bus only at 14:00 every day from Nagasaki airport to Unzen.  It takes approx. 2 hours, 3,000yen *Round trip.  If you need to arrange it, you might want to ask the ryokan’s staff in advance at least 2 days before.  They can book bus seats for you instead.  It’s easier to visit here by bus from the airport.  This ryokan would be for adults, couples, or small groups.  If you stay here, don’t forget to try HAIKARA omelet and rice for lunch at “Yama cafe RICKY” in the ryokan.  That’s simply wonderful.  Welcome to receive any questions about the ryokan from the below space.  *All of the information is as of the date that I posted on my blog.  Check Availability and Pricing for the ryokan on Booking.com or Agoda