TOP5 Rankings

TOP5 Rankings in Tohoku

There are still many not-so-famous hot spring resorts in the Tohoku region, but Hakone, Izu, and Atami, which are closer to Tokyo, are more popular because it’s easy to get to.

However, if you take a Shinkansen from Tokyo Station or Ueno Station, you will feel closer than you think.  The price range is also more reasonable than that of luxury accommodation in Hakone.  In addition, the quality of the onsen is excellent.  If you are a hot spring freak, you should visit Tohoku.  Most of the hot spring resorts may not have a sophisticated atmosphere, but there is still a lot of beautiful nature left.

Also, if you are looking for a hot spring resort during the peak season, the Tohoku region is a good choice.  Because it is not as crowded as Hakone or Atami.