TOP5 Rankings near Mt.Fuji

TOP5 Rankings near Mt.Fuji

When you visit Japan, why don’t you relax and enjoy the beautiful view of Mt. Fuji at a ryokan or hotel? Mt. Fuji while soaking in a hot spring or relaxing in your room is a rare luxury. In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I have been captivated by its divinity when seen up close. 

When is the best time to visit Mt. Fuji?

Mt. Fuji is a beautiful mountain any time of year, but Mt. Fuji in winter, when it is covered with pure white snow, is especially elegant and beautiful. Moreover, winter is the season when the air is dry and Mt. Fuji is visible from a distance.

Also, from January to February every year, winter fireworks festivals are held at Oike Park and Yagizaki Park. The fireworks that color the night sky with Mt. Fuji in the background are a masterpiece. Then every year from December to January, a lighting display is held at Oishi Park. It creating a fantastic scenery that colors the shores of Lake Kawaguchiko.

In the spring season, the Fuji-Kawaguchiko Cherry Blossom Festival is held every year from early April on the north shore of Lake Fuji-Kawaguchi. Mt. Fuji, you will be impressed by the spectacular view of cherry blossoms in full bloom against the backdrop of Mt. Fuji, which seems to symbolize the beauty of Japan. The romantic mood at night when the lights are turned up makes it a great place for a date.

In the fall season, the Fuji-Kawaguchiko Autumn Foliage Festival is held every year from late October to November. The “Maple Corridor,” which creates a mystical scenery, is also called the Tunnel of Autumn Leaves and is a popular spot.

Please check the dates and locations of the above events when you go, as they may change each year.

Conversely, during the summer season, because of the changeable weather, there are very few days when you can see a  beautiful Mt. Fuji compared to the winter and fall seasons. Also, during the summer, most of the snow on Mt. Fuji melts away, so it seems to be insufficient. If you want to see a magnificent Mt. Fuji in its snow cap, the winter or fall seasons are still the best time to visit.