TOP5 Rankings

TOP5 Rankings in Kyushu, JAPAN

Kyushu is one of the places I would like to visit again and again, as there are many wonderful hot springs and tourist spots. If you can spend a week in Kyushu, rent a car and drive around the island. If you can only stay for a few days, I would recommend taking it easy in one of the hot spring resorts. There are many attractive hot spring resorts in Kyushu.

Another important factor to consider when visiting Kyushu is the season. Summer in Kyushu is very hot and humid and not a good season for sightseeing or hot springs. If at all possible, plan your trip in spring, autumn, or winter. However, if you can only take a vacation in the summer season, I recommend Kurokawa Onsen, a famous summer resort. Compared to places like Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, Kurokawa Onsen is at a higher altitude, so it is relatively cooler even in summer.

*Onsen means “hot spring” in Japanese.
**Ryokan means a traditional Japanese hotel.