TOP5 Rankings

TOP5 Rankings in IZU and ATAMI

About Izu and Atami Spa Resorts: If you want to visit spa resorts when you are in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, etc., I would recommend visiting Izu or Atami of luxury accommodations. Access to the properties would be easy from Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Bus Terminal, Yokohama area, etc. Alternatively, when traveling from Tokyo to Osaka by Shinkansen, I would recommend stopping in Izu or Atami on the way.

Where to stay in Izu and Atami:  If you don’t have time, then you may want to stay in Atami Spa Resort. It takes just 40min by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station. On the other hand, if you have time, you may want to stay in the Izu area.

Best time to stay in Izu and Atami:  Because of their proximity to Tokyo, Izu and Atami are crowded with families during the summer vacation period. If possible, it is best to avoid mid-July to mid-August. The best time for sightseeing is in spring or autumn. The climate is perfect, neither cold nor hot.