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TOP5 Rankings in HAKONE

Where to stay in HAKONE:  Hakone is a traditional hot spring resort and is popular because of its proximity to central Tokyo. The price range of accommodations is a little higher than in Tohoku, etc. Restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops are only around Hakone Yumoto Station. If you want to stay in a convenient place, you may want to stay around the station. On the other hand, if you want to stay in a place surrounded by the mountains of Hakone, the Gora, Sengokuhara, and Lake Ashinoko areas are good choices.

Best time to go to HAKONE:  Hakone is a popular hot spring resort all year round, but it is most crowded in early summer and autumn when it is best for sightseeing. Winter is the best time to visit if you like hot springs. Summer is cooler than Tokyo, but it is hot during the day. Summer festivals and fireworks displays are held here, so there are many families here.