Best Hotels and Ryokans in the Higashiyama Area

TOP5 Best Hotels and Ryokans in the Higashiyama Area

If you love Kyoto like I do, you might want to stay in the Higashiyama area. This is because you can fully enjoy the sophisticated and Kyoto-like atmosphere that you have come to expect. Although it does not have good access to public transportation, there are many attractive spots within walking distance. There is no need to travel far.

Then if you are visiting Kyoto in the spring or fall season, I would recommend staying in the Higashiyama area. The famous temples, shinto shrines and Japanese gardens in this area are lit up and it’s so fun to take a walk after dinner.

Park Hyatt Kyoto
Park Hyatt Kyoto

A 5-star luxury hotel located near Kiyomizu Temple in the Higashiyama area. It is a great location for Kyoto lovers. Read more
Luxury hotel SOWAKA
Luxury hotel SOWAKA

A small gourmet luxury ryokan in the Higashiyama area, not 5 star but just as good service, Japanese garden, food, and rooms are impeccably great. Read more
Nanzenji sando KIKUSUI
Nanzenji sando KIKUSUI
A sophisticated small luxury ryokan in the Higashiyama area. The historic traditional sukiya-style architecture and Japanese garden are wonderful. Read more
fufu kyoto
Fufu Kyoto

A luxury ryokan built in the Higashiyama area. All rooms have private onsens. The location is ideal for Kyoto lovers as many famous sightseeing spots are scattered. Read more
Yasaka Yutone Kyokoyado
Yasaka Yutone Kyokoyado

A small gourmet ryokan with machiya-style architecture located near Kiyomizu-dera Temple in the Higashiyama area. Ideal for solo travelers and couples, and in a great location.
Read more

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