TOP3 Best Gourmet Hotels and Ryokans in Arima Onsen

TOP3 Best Gourmet Hotels and Ryokans in Arima Onsen

The following hotel and ryokans are recommended for those who wish to enjoy gourmet food in Arima Onsen. “Okuno Hosomichi” is especially recommended. A Japanese chef came to our private room and presented us with gourmet food prepared in various ways in front of our eyes. It was an unforgettable trip.

“Arimasansoh Goshobessho” is a restaurant that is like a hideaway where you can enjoy an elegant moment while admiring the seasonal trees like a painting through the large windows. Using carefully selected local ingredients, guests can enjoy a blend of Japanese and Western cuisine that makes the most of the flavors of the ingredients. A wide variety of wines and Japanese sake are also available.

“Arima Onsen Nakanobo Zuien” has several restaurants. If you want to enjoy the best Kobe beef in Arima Onsen, we would recommend Chef’s Room. It was such a luxurious and blissful place to spend time tucking into a superb steak grilled right in front of us by the chef.

Hyoe Koyokaku
Okuno Hosomichi
The most wonderful gourmet ryokan in Arima Onsen. All rooms in the main building have private outdoor onsens. Located away from the center of Arima Onsen. Read more
Arimasansoh Goshobessho
Arimasansoh Goshobessho
A small luxury vacation home-like hotel surrounded by a beautiful forest. Each room has a wonderful private onsen. It is a little far from the center of Arima Onsen. Read more
Nakanobo Zuien
Arima Onsen Nakanobo Zuien
The most wonderful luxury ryokan in Arima Onsen. The rooms with private onsens are especially popular. Located in the center of Arima Onsen where you can enjoy strolling around in yukata. Read more

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