Luxury Onsen Ryokans in Kyoto

TOP5  Onsen Ryokans in Kyoto

Actually, there is no hot spring in the center of Kyoto City. You need to go to Arashiyama, Kameoka, or Amanohashidate. If you have enough time, you should visit Amanohashidate. It takes around 120min by train from Kyoto Station. If you don’t have time, you should visit Arashiyama or Kameoka. It takes just 30min to 40min by train from the Station.

TOP1  Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen
This is a luxury boutique ryokan with hot springs in Kyoto. It’s like a hideaway for adults. The property has wonderful rooms with private outdoor hot springs.  Read more
TOP2   Monjusou Shourotei
This is top-notch. Once we entered the property, we felt the authenticity and luxury at once. The property has a special heritage value. I love the stillness of this place. The property felt solemn and mysterious.  Read more
TOP3  Monjusou
This is a small luxury modern ryokan in Amanohashidate. The property has been renovated and facilities tend to be the latest. The hardware is clearly outstanding and enhanced by memorable views.  Read more
TOP4  Arashiyama Benkei
This is an authentic luxury ryokan in Arashiyama. The experience is pure Japan and should definitely be tried. You can get much of an immersive “Arashiyama view” experience as you expect.  Read more
TOP5  Sumiya Kihoan Ryokan
This is a cozy ryokan with hot springs in Kyoto. If you are looking for rooms with private hot springs in Kyoto, I would recommend it.  Read more