Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen

Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen

What kind of onsen ryokan is Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen?

This is a small luxury ryokan with hot springs located in a quiet mountainous area. The ryokan has some wonderful rooms with private outdoor hot springs.  There are 13 rooms only.  If you are looking for a 5-star ryokan, it’s perfect.

You can feel the calm atmosphere of Kyoto, different from the hustle and bustle of tourist spots such as Gion and Arashiyama during the day. I was impressed to find such a quiet and nature-rich place only 40 minutes away from Kyoto Station.

The garden is beautifully manicured, and there is a private open-air bath in a separate room, surrounded by fresh green maple leaves and moss, which is wonderfully elegant. The entrance is elegant and the museum was very quiet and relaxing.

When I arrived at the inn, I was soothed by the smiling employees. The service was really polite, elegant, and graceful.

Take off your shoes and change into slippers at the traditional and magnificent entrance. We sat on the sofa in the lobby and had matcha green tea and chestnut sweets while we checked in.

The lobby has a cozy interior with a chic feel while maintaining the elegance of a Kyoto inn. At night, the illuminated garden and slightly dimmed lighting create a wonderful atmosphere.

It seems that most of the guests stay here not for sightseeing in Kyoto, but just to stay and relax in the ryokan.

On the other hand, the location is not suitable for those who are visiting Kyoto for the first time and want to visit various sightseeing spots in Kyoto. You might want to stay in Kyoto City.  Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen is located in Kameoka City.  It takes 40-50min from Kyoto Station to the property.  

Then basically, this is a ryokan for adults, so it is suitable for couples and solo travelers. *A minimum age requirement of 7 applies.  Solo travelers can book rooms on weekdays only.

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Is the location easy to access?

Yes, it’s easy from Kyoto Station.  Free shuttle service is available from Kameoka Station at 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30, or 17:30.  You need to book it in advance.  JFYI, it takes 20 to 30min by train from Kyoto Station to Kameoka Station.

From the train, you can see the peaceful scenery of Kyoto and the Hozu River. After exiting the ticket gates of Kameoka Station, there was a pickup car waiting for us on the right side of the station.

Where is the best accommodation for anniversaries in Kyoto?

If you are looking for a good place for a special occasion, the property is one of the best.  The staff arranges flowers and cakes to celebrate an anniversary at additional charges if you request in advance.

Rooms I would recommend?

If you are going to stay here, I would recommend a room with an outdoor private hot spring.  We fully enjoyed our private onsen until check-out time.

The open-air bath with the room was fantastic. The scent of cypress trees makes you feel relaxed. The beautiful greenery that you can see while soaking in a bath creates an extraordinary experience. Also, the starry sky was beautiful at night, and I took a bath many times during the night to look at the stars.

The water temperature is set at 41 degrees Celsius, but if the water is too hot, you can add tap water or ask the staff to set the temperature for you. The spring quality was smooth, moist, and soft.

The rooms with private hot springs are very popular and very difficult to book. If you really want to have a room with a hot spring, I would recommend booking it as soon as possible.

How about toiletries & in-room amenities?

All of the amenities are taken care of including enough toiletries, bathrobes, pajamas, samue outfits, yukatas, Japanese sweets, English tea bags, a green tea set, a complimentary minibar including beer and wine, and a coffee machine with capsules, etc.  There are L’Occitane bath amenities and POLA skincare products in the bathroom. There are some colorful yukatas and pillows which you can choose from.   You can travel light.  Also, a DVD player, a Blu-ray player, and a humidifier were placed in our room.

Then complimentary organic coffee, tea, snacks, Japanese sweets, and Häagen-Dazs ice cream are available in the lobby.  It couldn’t be better.  Room service is not available.  Free Wifi reception was good in our room.

In the lobby, I saw a few people spending time quietly reading while drinking coffee, or bringing their computers to work.

How about In-house Facilities?

There are wonderful large communal hot springs.  They are open from 14:00-24:00, 5:00-10:00.  Please note that if you have tattoos and want to use the communal hot springs, use a reserved private family one, or book a room with an outdoor private one.

Also, there is an amazing outdoor private family hot spring.  It costs 2,000JPY for 50min.  You need to book it when you check in at the reception if you want to use it.  This is open from 7:00-9:50, 14:00-21:50.  The outdoor private bath surrounded by the greenery of the trees is very splendid. It’s definitely worth a try if you’re staying here.

Then this is not a perfect universal design, but there are fewer steps.  A wheelchair is available for borrowing.  If you bring someone with weak legs, you might want to book a room with a private hot spring as you wouldn’t need to move around once you enter your room.  Also, you may want to inform staff in advance as they arrange a room near the lift.

Then there is no convenience store within walking distance.  You might want to buy your necessities before coming here.

How about meals?

Kyoto-style kaiseki food for dinner and breakfast was wonderful.  If you are a gourmet, you will be happy. I felt the consensus and ingenuity of the chef, and the ingredients and utensils were carefully selected, so I was able to enjoy a delicious and enjoyable moment of bliss.

The portion tends to be small.  If you want more, let them know when you make your reservation. They will do their best to accommodate you.

All food is served in a private room in the dining area.  *Please note that inform the staff when you book a room with meals if you have any food allergies or dietary needs.  They probably wouldn’t be able to prepare alternative food if you request on that day.

Then, as far as I know, there is no restaurant around the property.  You may want to book a room including meals.
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My impressions

Overall, the ryokan has great value for money if you compared it to other luxury ones.  If you want to get much of an immersive luxurious onsen ryokan experience, it’s well worth staying here.  This is a great place to stay, and it gives me the pleasure of wondering what season I should come back next time.

Have a nice trip!  Welcome to receive any questions about Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen from the below space.  Check Availability and Pricing for the onsen ryokan on Agoda

Info about Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen

Style Modern Ryokan
Check-in and out times
Estimated Price 60,000 JPY for 2 adults per room
Contact E-mail
Internet Connection  Free wifi in the ryokan 
Facility Information Wheelchairs are available
Pets are not allowed
The free parking lot is available 
Location Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen’s MAP
Access Free shuttle service from Kameoka Station
Address and TEL 6-3 Inoshiri Ashinoyama Hiedano-Cho
Kameoka City Kyoto  Tel +81-771-22-7575
Official Homepage Kyo Yunohana Resort Suisen’s HP

*All information above is as of the date that I posted on my blog.

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