Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts

Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts

What kind of 5-star onsen hotel is Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts?

In late November, my husband and I bought boxed lunches and beer at Tokyo Station and boarded the Shinkansen around noon to see amazing autumn foliage in Kyoto. While relaxing and enjoying drinks on the Shinkansen, we could see a little snow-covered Mt. Fuji. Then we arrived at Kyoto station a little after 3:00 p.m. It was the fall holiday season, so Kyoto station was even more crowded than usual. We walked through the crowded station, exited through the Karasuma exit, and took a cab from the karasumaguchi taxi stand to our hotel. This hotel was a inconvenient 30-minute drive from Kyoto Station. There are no bus stops or train stations nearby, so taking a cab is the most convenient way to get there.

After 25 minutes on the main road from Kyoto Station, we turned onto a narrow street and passed through a residential area, where we saw Japanese traditional houses with tiled roofs. We turned right and continued on to the entrance of the hotel where we would be staying for the night. The location was very quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. As we got out of the cab, we were greeted by a beautifully and artistically pruned Kitayama cedar tree, over 400 years old, in the center in front of the entrance. The creative Kitayama cedars and the bright green moss were in perfect harmony, and seemed to symbolize the beauty of Japanese culture. The Kitayama cedars were also the model for the hotel’s logo.

To get straight to the point, although we have visited Kyoto many times, this trip to Kyoto allowed us to fully enjoy quality time in Kyoto in a tranquil environment. We enjoyed a private hot spring bath in our room with a view of the dry landscape garden called karesansui, listened to the sound of the river flowing by, and were impressed by blazing red autumn leaves. Kyoto is as beautiful during the cherry blossom season as it is at any other time of the year, but I think it is well worth visiting every year during the autumn foliage season as well.

Then, entering through beautiful lattice doors, an artificial pond was created in the center of the building. There were 12 round lanterns floating in the pond, which were illuminated at night. Behind the pond, there were also beautiful lattice doors through which we could see a garden with beautiful autumn leaves. The garden seen from here was also very tasteful, and gave a sense of Kyoto’s chic. Upon entering the building, we found beautifully grained wood floors, a high ceiling with magnificent cedar wood beams and pillars, an interior decorated with moss in the center, and cozy-looking furniture tastefully arranged.

The staff showed us to a sofa by the window, where we were offered cinnamon hojicha tea, dried persimmons, and hand towels. We checked in here, and after a short time, a staff member showed us to our room. As we moved around looking at an elegant courtyard with red and orange leaves, a beautiful water basin came into view. We walked down a hallway in the center of the basin to our room. The water basin glistened with ripples created by the gentle breeze and reflected the sun’s rays. Then, if we listened carefully, we could hear birds chirping from somewhere.

The hotel was also decorated with a variety of artworks. As we moved around, we kept stopping to look at the interesting works of art in hallways and elevator halls. This area was the birthplace of the Rimpa school of art, which has produced many talented artists. A free art tour was also offered during our stay.

This time we stayed in a Garden Deluxe Room with a dry landscape box garden and private hot spring on the first floor. Upon entering the room, we found a closet on the right, a bathroom on the left, a twin-bed room with gold-painted wallpaper and indirect lighting, and a large veranda called engawa through a lattice door on the window side. On the engawa, there was a table and two chairs, and to the left was a private hot spring. The large floor-to-ceiling windows offered a view of a small box garden, and if we looked up a little, we could see the blue sky and Mt. Takagamine. The engawa, washroom, shower room, and garden were designed in a modern style with black and gray tiles, which may seem a bit artificial, but they were arranged in a user-friendly layout.

The views at this hotel vary greatly depending on the location of the rooms. For those who value a view, we would recommend rooms near room #424. You probably won’t find a room with a private hot spring bath, though.

We rested on the engawa for a while, sipping local beer and sake prepared in a mini-bar. The mini-bar had beer, local sake, vodka, red wine, whiskey, orange juice, and coca cola available for a fee. After that, we decided to relax in the private onsen. It was a luxurious experience, as there are very few hotels and ryokans in Kyoto that offer private onsens. Although the quality of the hot spring water was not the best, the cool breeze in the hot spring in Kyoto was very special.

Then, it was time to get hungry. We headed to a restaurant called TENJIN on the first floor a little after 6 pm. This time, we had a Kaiseki French cuisine at a counter seating called Chef’s Table in the restaurant. The Chef’s Table was a live kitchen where a chef prepared and served the dishes right in front of us, and was limited to 13 people per day. The Chef’s Table started at 6:15 p.m. all together. The special course was JPY35,420 per person for 10 dishes. This price includes the cost of all seven paired drinks. For example, champagne cocktail, white wine, shochu cocktail, red wine, special cocktail, etc. Each dish was creatively arranged and flavored with new discoveries, and from start to finish, we were excited to see what the next dish would be. It was truly a time that sharpened all five senses.

Then, after dinner, although it was a bit chilly at night, we decided to stroll around the hotel and head to a lunge called Tea House. The tea house has five different kinds of tea. For example, mint and green tea, rose and black tea, cinnamon and black tea, ginger and roasted tea, chamomile and roasted tea, etc. During our stay, they were available free of charge from 7:00-21:00. The water basin viewed from the tea house, the connecting corridor located in the center of the basin, and the trees with autumn leaves floating on the basin created a wonderful magical world. Then, the moon floating in the silent night sky, illuminated trees, and a stone lantern were reflected in the water basin, creating a breathtakingly beautiful sight. It was like a huge painting.

Then, back to the room, the small box garden in front of the private hot spring was elegantly lit up, and the shadows of the trees reflected on the white walls created a mystical ambience.

The next morning, we woke up around 6:00. It was still dimly light before dawn, but we made coffee in the coffee machine and sat on the chairs on the engawa to admire the gradual dawn.  Then, around 7:30 a.m., we headed to the restaurant where we had dinner yesterday for breakfast. 

We had breakfast at TENJIN with a bright, open ambiance. We were lucky enough to be shown to a table by the window overlooking the maple trees with their red, orange and yellow leaves. The view from here was also amazing. Breakfast with a view of the magnificent autumn foliage was also exceptional. Breakfast is a half buffet, with a choice of Western or Japanese main dishes. There were omelets, eggs benedict, fried eggs, steaks, Japanese plates, vegetarian plates, and more. The buffet corner had salads, side dishes, seafood marinades, ham, croissants, curry bread, yogurt, fruit, and more. The curry bread was especially tasty. Overall, the breakfast was highly satisfying.

After breakfast, we decided to take a walk in a Japanese garden in Shozan Resort Kyoto next to the hotel. As we entered the garden through a magnificent gate with a tiled roof, we found Kitayama cedars, trees with autumn leaves, and green mosses artistically pruned and beautifully planted. When we saw the red and orange leaves of the trees bathed in sunlight, we felt as if we had wandered into a different world. Then, under the foliage, bright green moss was planted like a carpet, and many bright red maple leaves were falling on top of it. Admission to this wonderful Japanese garden is free during your stay at the hotel. The garden is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. During the fall season, all the places in Kyoto that are famous for autumn foliage are crowded, but this Japanese garden was almost empty, so there was a sense of tranquility. The occasional chirping of birds and the sound of the stream were pleasant to listen to.

After this, we return to the hotel and wanted to enjoy the thermal pool and sauna, but since we needed to make reservations in advance and bring our own swimwear, we decided to enjoy them next time. The thermal pool uses hot spring water and is available all year round. It would be a good idea to make a reservation when you check in if you are planning to use them. Since it was during the coronavirus pandemic, they were by reservation only. We ended up going back to our room, enjoying the private onsen, and checking out of the hotel before 11:30am. We then walked to Kinkakuji Temple since we had little luggage. The trip took about 20 minutes. Then, we visited the temple, took a cab to Kyoto Station, and returned to Tokyo Station around 5:00 pm.

If I were to raise a disadvantage, it would be that it takes about 30 minutes by car from Kyoto Station, which may be a little inconvenient for those who wish to go sightseeing. If you want to relax in Kyoto, this is the perfect place for you. We were only there for two days, so the time passed very quickly. However, we were able to immerse ourselves in the profound charm of Kyoto and enjoy the extraordinary luxury of the surroundings. Next time we would like to visit during the fresh green season.

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Is the location easy to access?

If you take a cab from Kyoto Station, the trip will take about 30 minutes and cost JPY4,000. When taking a cab, it would be advisable to show the address and TEL number to a cab driver as below. The driver can enter the tel number into a car navigation system to confirm the destination. Since the hotel opened in 2021, some drivers may not be familiar with it. Also, there is no station or bus stop nearby.

Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts
〒603-8451 京都府京都市北区衣笠鏡石町44-1
電話番号 075 320 0111

It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the hotel to Kinkakuji Temple.

The parking fee is JPY1,000 per night. Valet service is JPY2,000 per visit.

Where is the best accommodation for anniversaries in Kyoto?

If you are looking for a good place for a special occasion in Kyoto, the property is one of the best. The staff arranges flowers and cakes to celebrate an anniversary at additional charges if you request in advance. I would recommend staying on weekdays rather than weekends. The ambiance is much quieter on weekdays.

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Rooms I would recommend?

If you are going to stay, we would recommend a room with a private hot spring bath. If you have children, rooms with direct access to the thermal pool are convenient.

How about toiletries & in-room amenities?

All of the amenities are taken care of including enough toiletries, pajamas, bathrobes, tea bags, bottled water, a coffee machine with capsules, welcome fruit, arare sweets, and a Japanese tea set. There are VOTARY bath amenities. Turn-down service is available. Room service is available for 24H. There is no convenience store nearby. The free WiFi reception was excellent.

Then this is child-friendly. Children’s sponges, toothbrushes, gel soap, pajamas, and slippers are available upon request. Children up to preschool age are allowed to sleep with you for free.

How about In-house Facilities?

There is an outdoor swimming pool, gym, sauna, and spa treatment store. The swimming pool is open from 8:00 to 21:00. Children are available from 10:00 to 17:00. The pool crowds can be checked on the TV screen in each room.

Then the spa treatment shop is open between 10:30 and 21:00. You need to make an appointment in advance if you receive a treatment service.

Then Shozan Resort Kyoto, a resort facility adjacent to the hotel, has a beautiful traditional garden. It is a great place to take a stroll and enjoy the scenery of the four seasons. There is usually an entrance fee for the garden, but hotel guests can enter for free by showing their room keys.

There is a Japanese-style café called Tea House near the lobby area. You can enjoy original blends of teas and drinks free of charge. The view from here was spectacular. A tea ceremony was also being held.

Then the hotel is a perfect universal design. Wheelchairs are available for borrowing. If you bring someone with weak legs, you may want to inform the staff in advance as they arrange a room near the lift. Please note that it gets quite dark in the hotel at night, so be careful if you have small children or people with limited mobility with you.

How about meals?

This time we had breakfast and dinner at a restaurant called TENJIN in the hotel. The window seats with a spectacular view were great.

On a previous visit to Kinkakuji Temple, we had dinner at Louran, a Chinese restaurant in the  Shozan Resort Kyoto, which is adjacent to this hotel. It’s one of the popular restaurants among the locals, so it is best to make a reservation. A table with a view by the window is recommended. The restaurant has good cost-effectiveness. The budget per person is JPY3,000 for lunch and JPY10,000 for dinner.

Have a nice trip! Welcome to receive any questions about the hotel from the below space.

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Info about Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts

Style 5-Star Luxury Hotel
Check-in and out times
Estimated Price 120,000 JPY for 2 adults per room
Contact E-mail
Internet Connection Free wifi in the ryokan
Facility information Wheelchairs are available
Pets are not allowed
The parking lot is available at JPY1,000 per day
The valet service is available at JP2,000
Location Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts’ MAP
Access 30min by taxi from Kyoto Station
Address and TEL Tel +81 75 320 0111
Official Homepage Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts’ HP

*All information above is as of the date that I posted on my blog.

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