Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts

Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts

What kind of 5-star onsen hotel is Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts?

The hotel is a 30-minute drive from Kyoto Station, but it is well worth the visit.

After entering a narrow road from the main road, the atmosphere changes at once. Surrounded by mountains and the Tenjin River, you will find yourself in an environment rich in nature.

In front of the hotel entrance, there is a planting of the symbolic 400-year-old Kitayamadai cedar tree. The pruning is very artistic. The modern-designed water basin at the entrance is planted with cool water plants. The latticed doors found in machiya houses in Kyoto city and the well-maintained gardens are perfectly combined to create a traditional yet sophisticated space. From early in the morning, many gardeners were tending to the large gardens.

During my stay, I don’t know how many times I stopped to look at the beautiful scenery that changes with the seasons and time of day, and the large water basin that beautifully reflects the traditional and technical architecture of Kyoto and the natural scenery. It is truly a space for you to explore, no matter where you are in the hotel.

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto and the HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, both 5-star hotels in Kyoto city, also have wonderful gardens, but they are much larger than those.

Then, when we arrived at the hotel, we checked in with refreshing herbal green tea and warabi rice cake. After that, you will be escorted through the beautiful courtyard to your guest room.

Then the hotel has some rooms with private indoor hot springs. It is very luxurious to be able to enjoy hot springs in Kyoto. The spring water is a bit hot, so I would recommend cooling off a bit before taking a bath.

Also, there is a wonderful outdoor pool using hot spring water that can be used all year round. *Children under 4 years old are not allowed to use it. The spring water temperature is 38 degrees Celsius. Swiming wear is available for rent.

At night, the grounds are beautifully lit up, creating a very romantic and mystical ambiance. The architecture reflected in the dynamic water basin looks as if it is floating on the water. After dinner, take a leisurely stroll around the hotel. You will feel as if you are walking in another world.

If I had to give a drawback, it would be that the location is far from Kyoto station. It wouldn’t be recommended for those who do not have enough time. Rather, if you are visiting Kyoto just to relax and stay here, this is the perfect place for you. Then I personally do not recommend it for first-time visitors to Kyoto. Kyoto has a lot of attractive tourist attractions. If you want to visit a variety of tourist spots, this hotel may not be in the best location.

Then there is a nice outdoor swimming pool using spring water here, so there are not a few families with small children. It is especially crowded on weekends and during summer vacation, so it would be best to avoid those periods.

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Is the location easy to access?

If you take a taxi from Kyoto Station, it takes around 30min and JPY3,500. The hotel just opened in 2021. When you take a cab, you may want to show the address and TEL No. in the below Japanese as a cab driver can enter the phone number into the car navigation system to confirm the destination. There is no nearest station.

Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts
〒603-8451 京都府京都市北区衣笠鏡石町44-1
電話番号 075 320 0111

It takes about 30 minutes to walk from the hotel to Kinkakuji Temple, but I think it is a good idea to take a stroll there.

The parking fee is JPY1,000 per night. Valet service is JPY2,000 per visit.

Where is the best accommodation for anniversaries in Kyoto?

If you are looking for a good place for a special occasion in Kyoto, the property is one of the best. The staff arranges flowers and cakes to celebrate an anniversary at additional charges if you request in advance. I would recommend staying on weekdays rather than weekends. The ambiance is much quieter on weekdays.

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Rooms I would recommend?

If you are going to stay here, I would recommend a room with a private hot spring. If you have children, a room with direct access to the hot spring outdoor pool is convenient. Both are very popular, so early booking is recommended.

How about toiletries & in-room amenities?

All of the amenities are taken care of including enough toiletries, pajamas, bathrobes, tea bags, bottled water, a coffee machine with capsules, and a Japanese tea set. There are VOTARY bath amenities. Turn-down service is available. Room service is available for 24H. There is no convenience store nearby. The free WiFi reception was excellent.

Then this is child-friendly. Children’s sponges, toothbrushes, gel soap, pajamas, and slippers are available upon request. Children up to preschool age are allowed to sleep with you for free.
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How about In-house Facilities?

There is an outdoor swimming pool, gym, saunas, and spa treatment shop. The swimming pool is open between 8:00 and 21:00. *Available between 10:00 and 17:00 if you have children with you. You can check the pool crowd status on the TV screen in each room.

Then the spa treatment shop is open between 10:30 and 21:00. You need to make an appointment in advance if you receive a treatment service.

Then Shozan Resort Kyoto, a resort facility adjacent to the hotel, has a beautiful traditional garden. It is a great place to take a stroll and enjoy the scenery of the four seasons. There is usually an entrance fee for the garden, but hotel guests can enter for free by showing their room keys.

There is a Japanese-style café called Tea House near the lobby area. You can enjoy original blends of teas and drinks. Tea ceremonies are also held.

Then the hotel is a perfect universal design. Wheelchairs are available for borrowing. If you bring someone with weak legs, you may want to inform the staff in advance as they arrange a room near the lift. Note that it gets quite dark in the hotel at night, so be careful if you have small children or people with limited mobility with you.
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How about meals?

We had breakfast at a restaurant called TENJIN. The seats by the window where you can see the view are the best. For the main course, you can choose from omelets, eggs Benedict, steak, and Japanese food, and the rest of the dishes are buffet-style. Overall, I think there were no dishes that impressed me.

We had dinner at Louran, a Chinese restaurant in the adjacent Shozan Resort Kyoto. It’s one of the popular restaurants among the locals, so it is best to make a reservation. A table with a view by the window is recommended. The restaurant has good cost-effectiveness. The budget is JPY3,000 for lunch and JPY10,000 for dinner.

My impressions

Overall, it is probably inferior to the five-star The Ritz Carlton Kyoto and Park Hyatt Kyoto in terms of service and food. However, the hotel has only been open for a short time, so we can expect a lot of improvement in the future. Above all, the facilities, interior, garden, and atmosphere exceeded my expectations. We checked out of the hotel, hoping to visit again in a different season.

Have a nice trip! Welcome to receive any questions about the property from the below space. Check Availability and Pricing for the ryokan on agoda or

Info about Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts

Style 5-Star Luxury Hotel
Check-in and out times
Estimated Price 120,000 JPY for 2 adults per room
Contact E-mail
Internet Connection Free wifi in the ryokan
Facility information Wheelchairs are available
Pets are not allowed
The parking lot is available at JPY1,000 per day
The valet service is available at JP2,000
Location Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts’ MAP
Access 30min by taxi from Kyoto Station
Address and TEL Tel +81 75 320 0111
Official Homepage Roku Kyoto, Lxr Hotels & Resorts’ HP

*All information above is as of the date that I posted on my blog.

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