Kyoto Machiya Houses in Kyoto

TOP5  Kyoto Machiya Houses in Kyoto

Over the past few years, the number of traditional Kyoto townhouse-style accommodations called Kyoto Machiya has increased dramatically, so if you’re interested in Kyoto machiya hotels, you should definitely stay at the below properties. Please note that most of the Kyoto machiya houses are not up to date with soundproofing, so you may hear the sounds of life. Also, traditional wooden buildings would be cold in winter. You should avoid staying in the winter season. The winter in Kyoto is very cold.

TOP1  Jeugiya
This is an amazing traditional villa in Kyoto. If you love Kyoto, you should stay here. Perhaps if you want to get an authentic machiya-style villa adventure in Kyoto, I would recommend it. It’s truly worth staying here.  Read more
TOP2  Aoi Hotel Kyoto
This is like a holiday home in Kyoto. Everything, furniture, decorations, and interior tend to be sophisticated.  Read more
TOP3  Nazuna Kyoto Nijo jo
This is a unique machiya-style house. Each room has a wonderful outdoor bath. You can relax in the bath while drinking. Also if this is your first visit to Kyoto, you should stay here. Access to the property would be very easy.  Read more
TOP4  Yado Kiramachi
This is a small spectacular place in Kyoto to stay with attention to every detail. This Machiya-style building is quite close to the original. It seems that it’s been renovated recently.  Read more
TOP5  Kyonoyado Gekkoan
This is like a holiday home in Kyoto. The machiya house is not categorized by hotels or ryokans so we didn’t expect any hospitality but I was betrayed by it, in a good sense. We received a lot of family hospitality during our stay.  Read more