Yado Kiramachi


If you are looking for a unique Machiya-style adventure in central Kyoto, the property would be perfect.  Perhaps if this is your first time staying at ryokans, you must stay there.  The latest facilities are set up in rooms.  Also the location is definitely convenient to go for sightseeing.  On the other hand, if you are a connoisseur of Kyoto, I wouldn’t recommend it.  Because the location wouldn’t be very much Kyoto.  That’s too bad.  If you want to stay somewhere reminiscent of Kyoto, you may want to book accommodations in Higashiyama area, such as Jeugiya.   Yado Kiramachi would be great for couples or solo travelers, not family with small kids.  *A minimum age requirement of 13 applies.  The ambience is serene, tranquil, and cozy. If you are going to stay there, I would highly recommend booking a room with an outdoor cypress bath.  You will be able to chill out at the bath while viewing a small inner traditional garden.  We felt the modern and authenticity at once.  Absolutory this is a small spectacular place in Kyoto to stay with attentions to every detail.  This Machiya-style building is quite close to the original.  It seems that it’s been renovated recently.  Actually this wouldn’t be “pure Kyoto-style”, though.  If anything, the property may tend to be for international visitors.  Kyoto is one of well-known spots in the world.  I could understand the owner’s concept.  Then the property is not universal design.  There are steep steps.  If you bring people with weak feet, you may want to find others.  Then all of the amenities are taken care of including minimum toiletries, yukatas, and a Japanese tea set, etc.  Room service is not available.  There are some convenience stores nearby.  Wifi reception was good but TV was not set up in our room. Then Kyoto-style boxed breakfast was wonderful. The portion tends to be small, though.  There are few restaurants for breakfast around the property except fast food.  Most of them are open from 11:00AM.  You may want to book a room with the meal in advance unless you like Japanese cuisine.  Then all staff was very helpful, warm and informative.  If this is your first visit Kyoto, you must ask staff about events, spots, restaurants, etc.  Then an access to the property would be very easy.  It takes 5min on foot from Shijo Station or Karasuma Station.  It takes 10min from Kyoto Station by TAXI.  It costs around 1,000JPY.  At last, the best season to stay there would be except the summer season.  Actually Kyoto city is much hotter and muggier than Tokyo in the season.  Then I noticed that there is no screen door to prevent kinds of worms from invading.  You wouldn’t be able to open the windows in summer.  Maybe you wouldn’t be able to chill out in the outdoor bath on hot days.  Then Kyoto city would be very busy during Lunar New Year, late April to early May, 16th of Aug,  Mid-autumn festival, weekends of Nov, and the end of year and new year holiday.  You might want to avoid visiting during these periods if you want to spend time in a tranquil atmosphere.  Have a nice trip!  Welcome to receive any questions about the property from the below space.  *Please note that Yado Kiramachi is brand new in Kyoto.  Most of TAXI drivers wouldn’t know it.  You might want to show a map where it is located.  **All information is as of the date that I posted on my blog.  Check in and out times 15:00/11:00   Check Availability and Pricing for the hotel on Booking.com

About Yado Kiramachi

Yado Kiramachi is situated near Nijo Castle, Kyoto International Manga Museum, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Nishikino Market etc. within walking distance.  The location is very convenient to explore Kyoto by train.  The ryokan has some units which feature a sitting area where you can relax.  A terrace or balcony are featured in certain rooms.  Every room is fitted with a private bathroom.  The ryokan has only 16 rooms, like a secret hideaway in Kyoto !  

Info about Yado Kiramachi

Style Modern Machiya Style Ryokan
Guest Rating Superb 9.5
Estimated Price  50,000 JPY for 2 adults per room
Contact E-mail Call at 075-741-7792 from domestic
Call at +81 75-741-7792 from overseas
Internet Connection Free wifi in the ryokan
Facility Information Wheelchairs are not available
Pets are not allowed
arking lot is not available
Location Yado Kiramachi’s MAP
Access 10min TAXI from JR Kyoto Station.
Address and TEL  600-8471 Kyoto Shimogyo-ku Shinkamanza cho 722-5
Tel +81 75-741-7792
Official Homepage Yado Kiramachi’s HP

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